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MMR Water Proofings (P) Ltd is a specialist for high-tech waterproofing systems and coatings based on liquid-applied resins. MMR Water Proofings (P) Ltd has evolved to become a worldwide specialist for waterproofing and coating systems for application on flat roofs, parking decks, bridges, balconies and terraces.


MMR Water Proofings (P) Ltd, has been involved in solving many critical waterproofing and coating requirements. Our products have consistently risen to the challenge where alternatives have failed. Be it the tropical climate or humid conditions in our products continue to provide long-term protection under extreme conditions.


Empowered with creative skills, impeccable workmanship and efficient service, MMR Water Proofings (P) Ltd team has successfully created its stamp of elegance and efficiency on many large corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, showrooms and residential Buildings.

Our Products
Specialist in water proofing

Tile layings

Terrace leakage

Water tank leakage

Swimming pool leakage

Memberane sheets

Epoxy flooring

Expansion Joints

Crack fills

Bathroom leakage

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